I just feel miserable and I don’t know where that comes from.

inside this head must be a terrible place

but i want it to rain always

oah sweet baby!

time for thicker blankets nd jackets

i’m going crazy in this silence ?_?


why new york streets interest me

I wanna have an acne! ! ! HAHAHA

droolin for this brand. reason why i love Stockholm @acnestudios


mock seasonal print ad I directed more than a year ago ;) #springfling

class project mor dan a year ago, print ad for a mock client (shoe brand) ;)
Photographer: Vina Salazar @vinasalazar
Creative Director: Mon Umali @mrparachutist
Stylists: Julie Claud @zuliiiee Viv Pesigan @vivpesigan
HMU: Eunice Atienza & Claudine Ortega
Models: Kim Landicho @kimmylandicho Pamela Delgado @pammydelgado Yam Mercado

Pantalan Project 101 hahaha @nikkiminaajj ;) #editorial #photoart