my early morn thought #wordporn

I’m really afraid to post this foto, but now I did. ><

srsly, my tooth is aching. Hahaha ><

squint-eyed me. waaah

squint-eyed me. waaah

lovin’ #Aygo perfect car for me. When are u coming in PH? X)

huh? wadup bische

now i find this place creepy! this is where i lost my amber necklace :<

our shoot turned a year old this month @rodinrodriguez @pavirgie ;)

you don’t know my story #narcisusislongdead

hello Tokyo! i’ve thinking of you quite a lot these days #quietside #Iidabashi

mah feels

suddenly loved this photo, makes me wanna lick that finger on the screen @vinasalazar hihihi

enuf said

Konnichiwa Akihabara