weird. kept this for two years. i’m not so desperate abt it. love isn’t all we need, and love won’t feed us.

I’m probably too weird for you. ~ find this idea quite funny

ssshh、i’m pooping。

was it a sad memory @mrparachutist?

#tokyolo (at 東京駅)

it’s quite depressing that i’m not born rich, and that i still have to work triple-assed just to get the things i want #nikondf #fantasy

new perspective。i’m a fountain of hope。

i’m destined to walk this pavement, it’s written on my palm

have to let go of innocence at some point. @rodinrodriguez photoworks

what if there’s a train that could take you to the past, which part would you go back to?


just bec im tryin hard to seem #cultured, i requested ceramic for my #tea, and the server effin gave me this larger-than-my-face cup. what a #faceslap ples, i need a tea set next time >< #SB (at Starbucks Coffee The Lifestyle Strip)

BUM #bigword

On the age of worry。photowork by @rodinrodriguez i miss shooting with him

just how each one of us wants to be touched。one of my favorite photoworks by @rodinrodriguez