huh? wadup bische

now i find this place creepy! this is where i lost my amber necklace :<

our shoot turned a year old this month @rodinrodriguez @pavirgie ;)

you don’t know my story #narcisusislongdead

hello Tokyo! i’ve thinking of you quite a lot these days #quietside #Iidabashi

mah feels

suddenly loved this photo, makes me wanna lick that finger on the screen @vinasalazar hihihi

enuf said

Konnichiwa Akihabara

I wanna get away sooo baaad! Tokyo or Seoul w/in the next 6mos?? #hopefully

the compelling magic. pls i already stopped long ago X)

first pool i dipped into in 2014 haha. mixue gal ;) @tubbyhidalgo

happiness just outside the window. lensed and shot @vinasalazar

still in state of trauma with the goodness of this thin crust pizza #WadasClassicSteakPizza a terrific treat of @vinasalazar for her web feature

pizza delivery #sunday #roadtrip